World Drum Jam

World Drum Jam is the ultimate high energy, visually stimulating, culturally diverse, high impact entertainment package. We offer spectacles incorporating the music of up to 12 cultures. Our economical four group package is described below:

World Drum Jam begins slowly with one of Vancouver’s best cultural percussion groups playing on an isolated stage. The sounds of the group are contagious, as the rhythm progresses their music slowly fades as another stage representing a different culture picks up the beat.

Seamlessly this second group continues the beat. The second group is augmented with dancers in the full regalia of their culture adding to the spectacle. After a few minutes, the second group’s music slowly fades to reveal a third group. As the relay continues, the musical hand-off continues to a fourth group.

Once the fourth and last group completes their introductory segment, (magically on a down beat), all four groups begin to play together in perfect synchronicity. This is augmented with more dancers and concludes with an explosion of rhythm, colour, diversity, dance and energy.

World Drum Jam is made up from Vancouver’s best percussion groups showcasing the diversity of Vancouver and Canada. The four groups comprise of performers from Vancouver’s many cultural groups.

Our different combinations pull from African, Caribbean, Japanese-Taiko, Chinese, South-Asian, First Nations and Latin musical communities.

World Drum Jam is perfect for international opening ceremonies as it showcases Vancouver’s diversity with contagious rhythm and dance. This fifteen minute four group package is also very effective for event interludes, gathering guest’s attention and unique event stingers.

World Drum Jam

The Four Group World Drum Jam includes the following:

• Four ethnic percussion groups with four musicians each
• Two to four dancers in full regalia
• Choreographing
• Fifteen minute performance
• No sound system required, acoustic performance
• Utilize venue risers

Optional Enhancements:

• Increase performers to over 100 drummers
• Include flying drummer

Videos of the World Drum Jam are available on request. Please call BC Event Management at 1.604.696.1234 for a detailed event proposal.