Introducing Vancouver’s Largest Virtual Event Studio

May 25, '20
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BC Event Management (BCEM) has been creating Virtual and Hybrid events for over ten years.

We have just converted one of Vancouver’s largest event venues into a Virtual Event Studio. The Harbour Convention Centre (HCC) is over 35,000 square feet and includes a 300-seat cinema, which is now Vancouver’s largest Virtual Studio.

The Virtual Event Studio, includes three broadcast quality video cameras, video streaming equipment, sound, lighting and a massive LED video wall. The studio is located on the second floor of the venue providing ample room for clients, presenters, the BCEM team and AV crew to work at a safe distance.

We can offer a myriad of Virtual Event solutions including;


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Meetings – Annual General Meetings – Annual Public Meetings

From meetings to AGMs, and APMs, we have you covered. Our virtual studio services include voting, polling, multi-way video and attendance monitoring.

From electing a new board of directors to confirming quorum and allowing share holder questions, our robust interactive meeting platforms can accommodate every important feature of your virtual meeting.


The HCC is the ideal venue for your high school or post-secondary graduation celebration. The goal of most graduation organizers is to deliver credentials and celebrate students’ achievements. Whether in person or virtually, we can accommodate all of these objectives.

The HCC Virtual Studio is Vancouver’s largest studio with over 35,000 square feet. We can host hundreds of students on the main floor while adhering to physical distancing rules. On the second floor in the virtual studio, we can conduct the graduation presentation.

Dignitaries and the principal or dean can be accompanied in the studio by institution’s executive team. Each presenter can have their own lectern with their notes and a teleprompter. One by one, students can be called upstairs from the main floor to cross the stage in the virtual studio. As each student has their unique celebration, photos and video of each student would be displayed on the video wall backdrop. As students exit the stage area, they would arrive at the photo station to receive their graduation photo and credentials. All of this would occur with each student having more than ten feet of physical space.

If you prefer a 100% virtual graduation, we can also accommodate this process. Instead of students walking live in the studio, a custom video message or photo collage would be presented for each student when their name is called. To streamline this for the educational institution, we would provide a template for the students to complete to tell their story. These templates would be collected using a private web based portal. Once edited, our team would ensure that every student’s story and successes are told while they virtually walk across the graduation stage. To tell the students’ story, the hosts would also read out each student’s academic achievements to share with the virtual audience.

This video feed would be streamed live to a public or private service such as You Tube, Facebook or a private network. The video would also be made available on-demand so friends and family in different time zones could celebrate their loved one’s educational success.

In conjunction with the graduation ceremony, our team of remote videographers could video tape scenes from your school to help tell the story of your institution and of your graduates.

Whether your graduation is live, virtual or a hybrid of the two, we can create a dynamic and meaningful graduation.

The HCC virtual studio has 400 paid parking stalls, over 35,000 square feet of space and a broadcast video studio. Don’t miss the opportunity to share the story of the students once in a lifetime achievement.


The HCC is the ultimate venue to conduct training sessions. We can set up multiple training stations on the main floor while simultaneously recording training videos on the second floor in the studio.

The HCC venue is so large we can provide attendees with over one hundred square feet per person on the main floor and ample room in the studio for everybody to adhere to physical distancing guidelines.

We can also offer food and beverage services from the on-site kitchen and provide paid parking with the 400 parking stalls.

Contact the BCEM Digital Event Strategist today to learn more about holding your training sessions at HCC.

Press Conference

We can create the most impactful and professional virtual press conference at the HCC studio. Our broadcast audio, video and lighting equipment will ensure your presenters look and sound great. The LED video wall can augment your message with the use of picture-in-picture windows to help tell your story.

We can accommodate one or more presenters at plexiglass lecterns while you deliver your message. We can stream this video feed out to the world live or use the simulated-live process. The simulated-live process is when we pre-record video which allows time for post-production editing. Once edited, we then stream the video and make it appear live.

Using the large venue, we can also allow for press kit pickup or interviews to occur after the press conference.


We can set up tradeshow displays on the main floor of the venue with ample space between each booth. With or without attendees, we can showcase your product or service with our professional host.

With the video team shooting video from the second floor, we can follow the host as he or she drops by your display. The host can introduce your product with the help of our portable teleprompter.

The tradeshow host can even try out your product or service in the massive venue. Imagine a professional host riding a bicycle or eating culinary delights while telling your brand story.

Product Launch

The HCC is the ultimate venue to host your next product launch. We can set up your products around the massive 25,000 square foot main floor while simultaneously recording a live virtual event on the second floor in the virtual studio.

Representatives from various companies can safely showcase their product while we shoot video of the action from the second floor. We can provide more than enough space for every product and representative to showcase your product while staying safe.

The HCC also has outdoor areas to shoot video to be added into your virtual product launch. Contact BC Event Management today to learn about Virtual Product Launches.

Fund Raising Events – Live Auctions – Silent Auctions

We can create the ultimate fundraiser at the HCC venue. We can utilize every square inch of the HCC to choreograph an entertaining and exciting event.

The BCEM event team will design your virtual fundraising event the same way we design live in-person events. Working with our clients, we will develop scripts, create show flows, choreograph stage activity and create multimedia.

Hosts can greet guests, thank sponsors and communicate your message virtually to your audience. We can create the ultimate silent auction for your guests to enjoy. Our host can walk throughout the massive main floor stopping by tables displaying the silent auction items. Using on-line silent auctions platforms, we can promote and sell auction items live as our hosts showcases them.

The highlight of the event would be the live auction. With the same energy and excitement as an in person live event, we will produce a Live Virtual Auction for virtual attendees to bid on. Using multiway video and on-line auction platforms, we can create the most engaging live auction.

As live event guidelines evolve from Health authorities, we can also host guests on the main floor while the virtual auction is happening in the second floor studio. This video feed can be shared to the virtual audience and to the video screen on the main floor. The HCC venue is so large, we can provide each guest ten times the physical distancing space recommended.

Instead of typical tightly spaced tables we can spread out guests and tables at safe distances. We can create an intimate experience with the use of video screens throughout the venue to provide a shared experience for your guests. We could also hold simultaneous events throughout Metro Vancouver with smaller groups.

These small events would all be connected together with the use of the virtual studio. Guests from venues and homes all across Metro Vancouver or the world could partake in the virtual fundraising event together.


We can create the perfect keynote presentation at the HCC venue. The virtual studio has broadcast video, audio and lighting equipment and the best technicians. The video wall backdrop can be used to augment your keynote message including multimedia elements. 

Our team can create picture in picture (PIP) windows on the video backdrop communicating numerous stories at once. These PIP windows can also be streamed live to the internet to create a dynamic virtual keynote address.


We can create an engaging online event for your participants in Vancouver or all over the world. Utilizing our multi-platform virtual studio, we can deliver your presentation, allowing guests to ask questions, respond to polls and participate in other interactive experiences.

The virtual studio can accommodate multiway video integration so you can interact live with guests from all over the world.

Our webinar platform also supports breakout rooms and multi-host capabilities. The BCEM team can work with you to create the perfect webinar.

Food & Beverage Showcases

With the use of wireless video and sound equipment, we can showcase food and beverage at the HCC venue. One of our professional hosts can meander around numerous food and beverage displays and can safely talk to representatives from various food and beverage providers. 

Our host can be more than ten feet away from your representative while conducting these interviews. We can take this video and send it up to the studio or use it later at a simulated live virtual event.

The options are endless, contact BC Event Management today to learn about food and beverage showcases at HCC.

Award Celebrations

Similar to live events, we can create virtual events to celebrate your award winners. The venue is Vancouver’s largest with over 35,000 square feet of space. The studio is over 5,000 square feet and can accommodate up to ten people at the same time while remaining at a safe distance.

We can provide several lecterns for numerous event hosts to provide variety and excitement for your awards show. Using the LED video backdrop, we can celebrate nominees and award winners’ achievements with the use of video and graphics.

We can also use the entire venue to shoot other video scenes to be edited into the final virtual event. These scenes can include indoor and outdoor locations creating variety for your awards presentations.

Our video teams can also shoot video at your location to help share your award nominees and winners’ stories.

During the recording of your virtual awards presentation, our stage managers and technicians will ensure your message is communicated perfectly. The studio includes preview video monitors, teleprompters, broadcast video, audio and lighting to make you look and sound great!

Game Show – Entertainment

We have created a fast-paced interactive game show. We start with one of the best emcees and game show hosts in Vancouver. Then we move into the virtual studio. Utilizing the video wall, we display one of our wide range of game shows – including trivia games customized to entertain guests while you tell your story. Our virtual host invites gusts into the game show. Once they are virtually in the studio, numerous attendees compete for prizes as they answer highly entertaining trivia questions. While the excitement builds, the video board fills up with answers, and the “non-virtual” laughs get louder, the guests compete for the top prize. When the winner is announced, their video feed is put up on the main video wall for the virtual audience to applaud.

The virtual game show is the perfect interactive event for your employees to participate with on a Friday afternoon to build unity, or for a fun teaser before a meeting or webinar. 

We can also add various entertainers to this virtual event – from a celebrity impersonator to a singer to a jazz quartet. The possibilities are endless. The HCC studio is ready to entertain your virtual guests.

Virtual Festivals – Entertainment

BC Event Management (BCEM) has been producing festivals for 30 years including ten years as producer of Canada Day at Canada Place. Adding to that experience, we now have Vancouver’s largest virtual video studio at HCC and one of Vancouver’s largest roster of festival style entertainment.

Let BCEM bring your festival to the web. With 30,000 square feet at our disposal, we can easily maintain all distancing protocols to produce an on-line festival.

Artists can spread out safely in the 2-storey facility and take turns entering the permanent studio to perform their sets. To maintain maximum recommended numbers in the facility we would tightly schedule artists regarding their time slots.

We have video crews available to produce background B rolls of the artists to act as intros to the performances.

The permanent huge LED screen can become any background the performance calls for as well as playback, graphics and Picture–in-Picture formats.

Call BCEM to discuss your Virtual Festival.

Contact BC Event Management today and talk with our Digital Event Strategist about creating your own digital event!


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