Production Services

BC Event Management offers the full range of production services including production management, lighting, set design, a/v; a/v design, and large format video production.

We pride ourselves in the accuracy of the renderings we produce to allow you envision your event. Below is our rendering of a set up at the the convention centre followed by a photo of the actual event.

Production Management Services

BCEM has been a leader in providing production management services in Vancouver and British Columbia for over twenty-five years. Our in house team of event and technical producers manage every single component, from 3D CAD to rigging to wiring schematics.

In 2009 we produced an event in BC Place Stadium where we designed a 110,000 pound lighting rig that was suspended from the inflated stadium roof. We won “Best Achievement in Technical Support” at the Special Event Industry Awards.

We also provide production management services to event planners, Destination Management Companies and Professional Congress Organizers.

Lighting Design / Lighting

Lighting is the magic that makes for spectacular events. We provide award-wining Lighting Design and Lighting services. Our Virtual Sky takes Lighting Design to the next level as the ceilings come alive with no equipment in sight!

BCEM has won international Best Technical Production awards for our world class productions.


MegaVideo™ is a proprietary presentation brand created by BC Event Management Inc. MegaVideo™ is an infinitely scalable, extra large format, video presentation system capable of projecting imagery from any and all sources in very unique oversize combinations.

These sources include custom graphics, live video feeds, video playback, image magnification, still photos, PowerPoint, data or ALL of the above at once.

Set Design

Our team is proud of our award winning set designs. Set design is where president, David Clark started his career. We incorporate branding, messaging, audio visual and lighting into our set designs.

To provide the ultimate solution for clients, we have created several meeting room packages. These packages include full set designs including all production and are available at all of Vancouver’s finest special event venues.

Check out our set design packages or call us today to learn more about our set designs.

Audio Visual and Multimedia Production & Design

Audio Visual is the ultimate communications tool! We concentrate our efforts on the importance of AV design as it relates to the event venue and our clients goals and objectives.

We work with our clients to create stunning event content to enhance your event messaging. Our in house team of designers have access to amazing high quality video and photography showcasing Vancouver and British Columbia.

Creative projection surfaces are utilized from standard definition screens to high definition large format screen surfaces. BCEM created our own large format video presentation system called MegaVideo™. We have screen sizes from 50’ to 200’ wide that have been customized for venues in Vancouver. Read more about MegaVideo™.

Below we detail our techniques for enhancing audio-visual and multimedia design.

Primer on AV – How to Create the Ultimate Audio Visual & Multimedia Design

Design screen surfaces into your backdrops and trade show booth designs creating the ultimate canvas for your ideas.

Determine the aspect ratio of your screens: standard definition (4:3 ) or high definition (16:9). When deciding the screen aspect ratio you also want to keep in mind your event content. If your event content is standard definition PowerPoint presentations then you should choose standard definition screens. If your event content is high definition videos then choose high definition screens.

Strive to use high definition screens if possible. Most videos these days are high definition and you can easily create PowerPoint presentations in 16:9 (high definition). The goal is to get all of your show content and all of your presenters to utilize the high definition screens.

Create a high definition PowerPoint template and send this to all of your presenters, ask them to re-design their existing presentations using the high definition PowerPoint template. You can also include conference or event graphics in this template so all presentations are consistent.

Screen Size:

To determine your correct screen size use the following formula:

The minimum viewing distance is the closest distance to the screen one can sit before losing the ability to see the picture as a whole. Once a person is closer than this, the human eye cannot capture the whole picture – the eye can only focus on a part and will have to continuously scan the screen to read the entire image.

The minimum viewing distance is 2 x the width of the screen.

The maximum viewing distance is the farthest distance one can be from the screen to be able to comfortably capture the image.

The maximum viewing distance is 6 x the width of the screen.

Projector Brightness:

To determine how bright your projector needs to be for your event use the following formula. Projector brightness is determined by lumens.

If there is no daylight at your venue (no windows or other ambient light) the goal is to achieve a brightness of 60 lumens per square foot.

If there is daylight at your venue the goal is to achieve a brightness of 100-200 lumens per square foot.

Brighter projectors (more lumens) are more expensive therefore we reverse engineer this by first determining your screen size with the above formula, then calculate how bright your projector needs to be.

If you are indoors with no ambient light and you determined your screens need to be 9’ x 12’ then the following is your answer.

9 x 12 = 108 square feet

Our formula dictates we want to achieve 60 lumens per square foot. 60 x 108 = 6,480 Lumens. Therefore we require a 6,000 lumens projector for this event.


Square foot of screen x amount of brightness required (60 lumens for indoor with no light/100 to 200 lumens for indoor with ambient light)=Brightness (lumens) required.