MegaVideo™ is a proprietary presentation brand created by BC Event Management Inc. MegaVideo™ is an infinitely scalable, extra large format, video presentation system capable of projecting imagery from any and all sources in very unique oversize combinations. These sources include custom graphics, live video feeds, video playback, image magnification, still photos, PowerPoint, data or ALL of the above at once.

BC Event Management owns screens in fifty foot increments up to 200 feet wide! Any or all of these screens can appear as a Picture-in-Picture window, or as side-by-side windows, or as a background in combination with any, or all, of the others sources listed.

A typical combination would combine a vibrant 150 foot wide graphic of the conference with multiple video windows showing on-stage presenters and video or data support for the presentations. The graphics can be static, in a dynamic loop or constantly changing.

BC Event Management’s combination of hardware, software, super high resolution video, graphics and photos allow us the flexibility to produce stunning visual presentations. Our team of MegaVideo™ experts can utilize our content or create custom content to showcase your messaging.

MegaVideo™ is also a unique method to showcase sponsors and provide an amazing branding opportunity as MegaVideo™ screens can switch from one graphic to dozens in an instant. We have presented MegaVideo™ across Canada in a variety of applications.

Welcome Reception

In 2007 we presented our 200′ wide MegaVideo™ screen in Toronto. The client objective was to showcase Canada and the presenting sponsors. MegaVideo™ met the challenge by utilizing super high resolution, low weight projectors.

To top it off our high speed screen motors allowed us to make the entire massive screen disappear in seconds. This feature can be used to augment a reveal, execute indoor fireworks shows and much more!

Congress, Conference and Meetings

MegaVideo™ is the ultimate tool to accomplish a myriad of tasks with one application. With MegaVideo™ hardware, software and large screens we can create the ultimate messaging experience for your guests.

Most delegates have attended many meetings or conferences. Most have witnessed several large video screens before, but MegaVideo™ is different. Video windows in the MegaVideo™ screen can perform like image magnification one moment and the next moment these windows can disappear to allow one continuous image to fill the room wall to wall.

MegaVideo™ screens are usually 10 times wider than conventional screens which allow us the opportunity to deliver content in a truly engaging atmosphere. In larger venues the ability to deliver content on a wall to wall surface truly enhances the ability to educate, inform and inspire your guests.

Awards or Gala Dinner

MegaVideo™ can enhance your awards or gala event by providing a larger-than-life projection experience. Using our library of graphics content we can also utilize MegaVideo™ to simulate decor in your ballroom.

Imagine stunning 150 foot wide ice flows or mountain vistas flowing on the MegaVideo™ screens enhancing your event theme. Awards content, sponsor information, multimedia and image magnification would all be utilized to enhance your event. If MegaVideo™ was utilized during the meetings it could be re-purposed for the gala creating a consistent meeting experience.

MegaVideo™ comes in many sizes and budgets. Please contact BC Event Management for detailed event packages, prices and proposals. Call Darren Dreger at Please call 1.604.696.1234 for more information.