Meetings & Conferences

BC Event Management specializes in top quality conference management. We work with our clients to understand their corporate philosophy, goals and objectives. With this input we create a conference theme that will tie the conference together from scripting, entertainment and graphics to the stage set.


The BCEM team recently created an Olympic themed conference including an Olympic Torch Lighting Ceremony, an International Delegate Flag Parade and a Medal Ceremony. This theme flowed throughout the multiple day conference and concluded with an award ceremony final night party celebrating the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver and Whistler.

BCEM is a four-time nominee for the “Corporate” category awards for The Best Event for a Corporation or an Association.


From on-line registration to on-site registration, the BCEM team can manage every registration detail for you. Our on-line registration services include e-marketing campaigns, micro-site creation, data mining and e-commerce. For meetings and conferences, on-line registration can be used to coordinate venue capacities, breakout sessions and off-site functions. E-commerce functions can be used during the actual event for food and beverage sales or specials services such as conference expenses. Consider providing an opportunity for your delegates to sign up for next year’s conference on-site at your event.

At the opening of the Vancouver Convention Centre expansion, our registration team processed 2,500 guests in twenty five minutes.

Interactive Event Technologies

From large interactive touch screens to gesture controlled displays BCEM provides leading edge technology to all events. Our trade show booth designs incorporate these technologies as well as leading edge soft wall tension construction. For meetings and conferences our team incorporates smart phone applications to provide interactive conference and meeting tools while reducing our environmental footprint.

Signage and Event Branding

Whether we are designing way-finding signage or enhancing your event message, BCEM has the experience to handle all of your needs. During the 2010 Winter Olympics, our team designed, printed, setup and managed all of the event signage for the Saskatchewan Pavilion. With over 20,000 guests every day, way finding signage and design was crucial. The interior and exterior structures were also branded with event messaging.

How to enhance your event branding:

• Use fabric material rather then vinyl to prevent glare on camera
• If your banner will be backlit consider a block out liner in the design
• Rather then using grommets to mount your banner, use a pipe pocket for a much cleaner look. Also include a pipe pocket at the bottom of the banner so your banner doesn’t crease.
• If possible, create a double-sided banner and hang in an area that has good visibility on both sides.
• Use removable arrows and don’t include dates in your graphics. This will allow you to reuse the sign at your next event.
• Consider using electronic signage solutions such as LCD displays and lighting gobos.
• Find creative areas to apply signage like the concrete pillars or floors at your venue