Construction & Pavilions

David Clark, president of BC Event Management (BCEM) started his career in 1985 designing and building pavilions for the Vancouver World’s Fair (EXPO 86). This passion for design and construction has continued throughout BCEM’s 30-year history. The pavilions shown above were designed and constructed by BCEM for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.

We work with our clients in a multitude of capacities to create their vision and meet their goals and objectives. Construction and pavilion services include: pavilion design (build and manage), Convention Centre and venue consulting, site design (build and manage), tent design (build and manage), trade show (build and manage), approval from governing body, Engineering and CAD.

City of Surrey Mayors Gala

Recently our team built a stunning temporary ballroom for British Columba’s second largest city. Construction of the venue had to take place concurrently with construction of the new city hall.

2010 Winter Olympics

During the 2010 Winter Olympics we built both the Saskatchewan and Quebec pavilions as well as consulting on the design of the entire Live Site that hosted five pavilions. Our Quebec work won the Best Pavilion award in Canada that year.

Saskatchewan Pavilion

Quebec Pavilion