Magic / Mentalist

Vancouver has some of the best magicians in the world. Our roster includes classic magicians, comedic magicians and “mentalists” that play with your guests’ minds while performing surreal magic tricks.

Wes Barker, Stunt Magician

Wes Barker is not just a magician, rather a super awesome, high-energy, hilarious, modern, no-rabbits-in-the-hat kind of magician! His show features amazing magic tricks, crazy stunts, crowd interaction, and comedy from start to finish. Wes’ stunt magic has made television appearances on Canada's Got Talent, YTV, and The Comedy Network. From stage shows for thousands, down to close-up magic. Wes will blow your mind and make you laugh.

Justin (bro) Gilbert, Mentalist / Magician

Justin (Bro) Gilbert's modern style of conversational magic will leave your guests absolutely mesmerized! Whether on stage performing for hundreds or blending mindfully into your intimate event creating quiet miracles, there is a reason why Bro Gilbert for many has become the “go to" guy. Justin (Bro) Gilbert's unique Magic of the Mind has raised the bar.

Randy Charach, Psychic Entertainer

Randy Charach has been entertaining audiences since he was a young boy. Inspired by his uncle, a Las Vegas magician, be became a professional entertainer at the age of 17 and has performed over 5,000 shows. Discover why audiences from Las Vegas to China say Randy Charach delivers the “ funniest and most amazing show” they have ever seen.

Ray Medway, Magician

Ray Medway performs magic shows with a comedy twist for just about any event imaginable. The real magic is...that he truly loves what he does...the art of magic and making sure his clients enjoy their investment in quality entertainment! He has performed over a thousand shows for all kinds of special events.

Rod Boss, Magician

Rod's energetic approach and his positive attitude when performing, have gained him a reputation as being one of Canada's most entertaining magicians. He has performed at countless events including a show for Saudi Prince Alaweed bin Talal. Rod'­s fascinating exhibition of magic will leave your friends and clients with a unique and unforgettable emotional experience.

Matt Johnson, Urban Deception (magician)

Forget everything you ever knew about a magician! Matt Johnson is a new breed of entertainer who is both bold and utterly captivating. His unique entertainment style is known as Urban Deception. Combining traditional sleight of hand with psychological techniques and mind reading Matt Johnson is paving the way to the future of magic.

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