First Nations – Native

Canada’s “First Nations” have a deep and rich heritage and these stories are told in a myriad of entertainment formats from Hoop Dancers to a “Talking Stick” ceremony. Many events choose to have elders from the traditional lands we are on come and perform a Blessing of the event. Contact us today to create your own First Nations entertainment for your Vancouver conference or event.

Eagle Song Native Mask Dancers

This colourful troupe has performed across Canada and internationally at cultural festivals in countries such as Switzerland, Taiwan, and Japan. The dance group consists of elders and youth of the Squamish Nation.

White Thunder Dance Theatre – Talking Stick

White Thunder Dance Theatre was founded in 1987 by Champion Hoop dancer Gary Abbott. The goal of the group is to promote First Nations culture within their own culture and with all cultures. The theatre troupe, based in Chilliwack BC, is made up of dancers from all over our province. They have traveled and performed throughout North America sharing their songs.

Ta’Kaiya Blaney

Ta'Kaiya Blaney isn't your average 12 year old. She is an accomplished singer/songwriter who is deeply passionate about ocean and marine life. "Shallow Waters" is one of 5 songs released by Ta'Kaiya to raise awareness about the environment. She has been featured in CBC’s “The National”, spoken at the UN and sang at Vancouver’s Earth Summit. Ta'Kaiya Blaney’s passion for the Earth and her culture will be a wonderful addition to your conference.

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