Convention Entertainment in Vancouver

September 8, '17
Posted by in: Events

Convention Entertainment in Vancouver is our fall 2017 focus. We have created another new feature entertainment showcase for convention and meetings in Vancouver. This new two to three hour entertainment showcase features Vancouver’s newest bands combined with bands that have entertained Vancouver audiences for over a decade.

The Convention Entertainment Showcase starts of with the smooth R&B and Soul vocals of Emily Chambers and her five-piece band. These rhythms will create the perfect atmosphere for the networking portion of your event.

Next, we pick up the energy with the contagious Jazz and Blues vocals by Canada’s own, Krystie Dos Santos. Krystie’s vocal spectrum will delight guests as the groove enhances your event.

The final act of the Vancouver Convention Entertainment showcase is Bang! This powerhouse four-piece band will get your guests moving on the dance floor with their large repertoire of hits from the decades.

This spectacular Vancouver Entertainment Showcase will guarantee to provide your conference guests with a fun, energetic and truly authentic Vancouver entertainment experience.

Call us at 604-696-1234 to learn more about our entertainment showcase for convention and meetings.