Cirque Pacifique

Cirque Pacifique is one of our most popular event packages. This progressive dinner event incorporates the best local and international cirque performers with one of Canada’s top opera singers. BC Event Management created Cirque Pacifique over ten years ago and has executed this event scores of times. We have therefore mastered the art of executing this event.

Our tremendous buying power and international reach allows us to deliver the maximum quality event for the best price. Throughout the evening your guests will enjoy the sights, sounds and entertainment of Cirque Pacifique.

During the opening reception, two stilt walkers in cirque costumes will mingle with your guests to enhance the anticipation for the event.

When the ballroom doors open, your guests will be greeted by four firewalkers roaming the fog filled ballroom with blazing torches.

As your guests enter they will be intrigued by two large bubbles magically hanging from the ceiling. Guests are then amazed to discover live contortionists within each bubble.

As your guests take their seats an opera diva appears in a flowing white dress and takes to the stage. With an audio accompaniment, she begins to sing a classic opera song as the bubble contortionists perform high above. At the conclusion of this magical entrance, your first course is served.

Upon completion of the first course, one of the three POD stages lights up from below and the Skyladder performance begins; followed by the second course.

After the second course and before the entrée, we dazzle your guests with some of the best cirque performers in the world – the Flag performance (or the Cube) followed by the Triple Steel performance. We strategically position these acts throughout the ballroom, utilizing our POD stages to maximize the impact.

It is now time for the entrée. Throughout dinner a custom cirque soundtrack is played. Flag and Cube performances shown.

Cube and Hand to Hand Performance.

At the conclusion of the entrée, our opera diva once again takes her position in the centre POD stage singing live as a duel contortion act performs on the other POD stages.

At the conclusion of this act, it is time to pick up the energy and excitement as the Russian Bar performance hurls cirque performers twenty feet into the air and catches them on a five inch wide bar.

Once again all performances take place nestled amongst the guests for maximum entertainment value.

Dessert and coffee is now dropped on the guest’s tables and we quickly begin the last cirque act. Our opera singer takes stage one last time for a feature solo performance singing an opera classic. This performance will captivate your guests.

Immediately after this performance one of Vancouver hottest dance bands, Dr. Strangelove, takes over the main stage as the floor-to-ceiling black house drape magically opens to reveal the Vancouver harbour.

Your Cirque Pacifique package includes absolutely everything you require to WOW your guests including;


• 2-Stilt walkers for the reception
• 4-Fire Walkers for the fire entrance
• Duel Cirque Bubble Performance with opera singer
• Skyladder performance
• Triple steel performance with opera singer
• Flag-Russian Bar or Hand to Hand-Cube performance
• Dual Contortion performance with opera singer
• Opera singer finale
• Dr. Strangelove six piece band


• Special effect lighting
• Rigging of all lighting & circus performers
• Three 8’x 8′ satellite performance stages with lighting
• Integrated flown sound system with audio support for dance band, opera singer, speeches and playback
• Fog special effect
• Event & circus liability insurance
• Custom music for all performances
• Team communications with client, VCC and BCEM team including radios, clearcom
• Computer laptops with custom hardware system and royality free music
This specific package was created for the Vancouver Convention Centre ballrooms B, C, D. We can customize the Cirque Pacifique package for any venue, please call BC Event Management for more information.

Cohesive Experience
This package truly includes every single component for this stunning event, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy. The BC Event Management team works cohesively with the Vancouver Convention Centre (VCC) team.

We have had the opportunity to produce the opening event for the VCC twice, for both buildings! This team work allows us to execute the setup, event and dismantle with perfection. This equates to a perfectly executed event in conjunction with the VCC food and beverage service. This teamwork also allows us to deliver this event for the least possible budget.

Depending on the floor plan, we also utilize the blackout drape at the Vancouver Convention Centre Ballroom West- D to reveal the city at the beginning of the dance band portion.

Optional Enhancement:

• Multiple coloured crush table linen including install
• Cirque Centerpiece
• 35′ tall Marionette with puppeteers and two performances

Cirque Pacifique won the Most Outstanding Event and Best Entertainment Event
for a Corporation at its inaugural show.

Please call 1.604.696.1234 to receive the Cirque Pacifique video.

We have created several packages based on guest size and venue configuration, please contact BCEM.


• Event based on Vancouver Convention Centre Ballroom B, C, D West
• Floor plan can accommodate 200 to 2000 people
• Venue fees not included in event package price

Optional Enhancement:
Marionette Option (35′ tall Marionette with two aerial performances, six puppeteers and rigging included)

Please contact BC Event Management for detailed event packages, prices and proposals. Call Darren Dreger at 1.604.696.1234 for more information.

All creative, concepts, ideas, performances, photos and content are owned exclusively by BC Event Management. No components of this proposal are to be re-distributed in any way without prior permission from BC Event Management Inc.