Award Ceremonies

We pride ourselves in telling the stories of the nominees. We show your guests the amazing journey of award nominees by creating videos and presentations showcasing their success. These stories motivate and educate guests on the achievements of the award nominees.

We honor award winners by incorporating live entertainment, music, video animations, lighting and special effects as your special winners take to the stage. Entertainment can be woven into award ceremony to create a more complete event experience.

BCEM manages every detail from the event photographs to the actual award. We also work with clients create news releases at the event including photographs and video. We also offer webcasts and video feeds of the event immediate posting to blogs or websites.

Case Study
For several years, BCEM produced the award ceremony for one of British Columbia’s largest corporations: BC Hydro. We provided every possible event service to enhance the event so our client could concentrate on the nominees and guests.

These services included:

• Sourcing and managing the event venue
• Creating press releases and an advertising campaign (in conjunction with our partner public relations firm)
• Creating an event magazine dedicated to the award nominees and the industry.
• Designing awards created from Mountain Pine Beetle affected wood products.
• Creating a 100-mile menu in conjunction with the venue chef.
• Designing the event backdrop and all audio-visual.
• Sourcing a master of ceremonies.
• Creating entertainment for the event.
• Assisted in script development.
• Creating videos of the nominee’s stories.
• Designing centerpieces and décor.

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